It’s easy to resist the pull of the mall on Boxing Day

Congratulations, pal – you made it! The Christmas ham didn’t burn, your family didn’t kill you, and Uncle George didn’t get so trollied he mistook you for his late wife, Aunt Bertha. But today is the Day After Christmas, and the gravitational pull of the mall is almost too hard to resist. Here are a few things way better than battling the hordes at the mall this Boxing Day.

  1. Eating. Duh. Your fridge is packed with all of yesterday’s leftovers. They’re singing out to you. “Eat me!” they implore. “Eeeeeeeeat meeeeeee …”
  2. Playing with your cousins’ cool new toys, since you’re ‘too old’ for those kinds of presents these days. Humph. Whatever. You don’t even know me anymore. Look at my Lego creation, Mum!
  3. Listing lame gifts on TradeMe … I mean, no Mum, I promise I love my purple and orange polar fleece robe …
  4. Mitigating your partner’s inevitable road rage and car sickness, and heading off early on your New Year’s Eve adventure. If you’re heading south, stopping in at Pokeno on the way for a nation-famous 15-scoop ice cream is a must.
  5. Working on your luscious tan (with a generous smothering of SPF1000, of course). Remember your brollie, though. Christmas weather is traditionally pretty unpredictable.
  6. Watching Love Actually and Elf on repeat, because your significant other insisted your pre-yuletide Christmas movie viewing be limited to imposters like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.
  7. Prepping your New Year’s Resolutions list, before your New Year’s Eve escapades blur your objectivity.
  8. Doing absolutely nothing all day. Don’t even try to stop me.
  9. Beating the queues and crowds and browsing GrabOne’s Boxing Day sale instead. Stocked with great deals for the whole family at prices worth staying home for, this is the best way to get your shopping fix without sacrificing your sanity.
  10. Going to the gym … No, wait. Maybe going to the mall is better than working out the day after Christmas, after all. #newyearresolutions