Since introducing Face Value, which is now called Voucher Guarantee, we’ve been monitoring how people use it and also how it impacts our merchants when customers come in late to redeem. The feedback has shown that the 90 grace period was a little too long and made things difficult for our merchants – in many cases GrabOne offers are seasonally driven or products/services are only available for limited times.

So we’ve now changed it to 30 days.

That means, once your coupon has expired, you will still have 30 days to put its cost towards the full price of your experience or service. It’s still great for customers because you don’t have to lose your money, and it means merchants will find it easier to ensure they get the best experience possible despite being late to their door!

The change went live on Tuesday 19th May and affects only coupons issued after this date. Please be aware that anyone who purchased your deal before this date will still have a Voucher Guarantee of 90 days.