Spark Arcade Winners

Spark Arcade Winners

Have you played Spark Arcade yet?

Every time you top up your Spark Prepaid by $20 or more, or renew or purchase a $19+ prepaid value pack, you’ll get a code to play for one of thousands of prizes in the SPARK ARCADE – including GrabOne credit!



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Congratulations to Yesterday’s Winners:

Margaret Howard

Gavin Turfrey

Kerry Keown

Pamela Watson

Tracey McEwan

Kate Brown

Samantha Koci

Shaun Wilson

shae cleland

Sam Jurgeleit

Li  Zhang

Steve  Kelly

Laura  Tangney

Shenae Robinson

Stefan James

pete bostock

Charlotte  Dippie

Jackson Burton

Kyle Forbes

Tom Adams

Lisa Faalavaau

Mark  Darlington

Jane Austen

Vaughan Kilburn

Colin  Boyd

Danielle Curry

Lisa Parsons

Katy Jonassen

Atamira Kapene

Kimberley Robertson

David Geck

belinda Colville smith

Mutya Mcmichael

Rachel Hockly

Keita Fujita

Claire Lawrence

John Stowell

Mei Chee

Ebony Maikuku

inho lim

Ryan Heal

adam gallagher

Rachel van Schreven

Colin Harwood

Liam Washington

Scott Reid

Shea Jamieson

Sera Devcich

Michael  Saul

Sera Devcich

Ruby Marks

Tracey Balfour

Elliott Colley

Sanna Maree Rongonui

Kayde Morgan

Stefanos Vrahasotakis

Astad Kapadia

Emma Lincoln

Kelly Beck

michael saysell

Rozelle Flavell

peter Rutherford

Chris McGarvey

Hamish Coghill

Cameron Mackley

Barry Kemps

Tamara Hamiora

Sandra Lyon

Paul Cowley

Joe Wilson

Justine Millar

Karen Connor

Emilie Gardiner

Pauline Nickson

Charlie B

Heathr Turney

James Patterson

Ripora  Loose

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    Beth MacKenzie

    I love the comps & top up & win stuff. Thou I think that what u win should be txted & activated soon as. It shouldn’t matter about the top up amount thou.

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