Hi everyone,

Here at GrabOne, our priority is our customers. We want to make sure you know what is happening with your current and upcoming purchases with us after the latest announcements regarding COVID-19.

As always, GrabOne will continue to provide you with offers for things to eat, see, and do while this nationwide lockdown is in place, even if it’s something that you’ll use later after the lockdown ends. Doing this is the best way to continue to support NZ businesses and get them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

What will happen to the coupon I have purchased?
You won’t be able to redeem coupons for non-essential services during this lockdown period. We are working alongside our NZ business partners to provide you with an extension on your coupon validity periods and will be in touch with confirmation and details over the next little while.

Can I still buy coupons for things to do?
GrabOne offers for things like movies, attractions, and restaurants will remain on site, meaning you can ‘Grab Now, Go Later’ and build your post lockdown to-do list with GrabOne. Our merchants will appreciate your business when things return to normal.

What will happen with my product deliveries?
Following the government’s announcements on 23 March and shutdown of all non-essential businesses from 25 March. Items purchased will be dispatched to you as soon as possible, however delivery times cannot be confirmed at this stage. Any queries please feel free to contact our team at: helpdesk@grabone.co.nz

Our support team
Our customer support team are working hard to update you about your coupons and there may be a delay in responses during this busy time. The team are working remotely so won’t be able to answer the phone, so if you have an urgent enquiry, please email helpdesk@grabone.co.nz.

Stay safe and look after one another.

Kia kaha New Zealand.

Greg Cassidy
General Manager, GrabOne