There’s a silver lining to the end of the world

Skipping the gym isn’t the end of the world … Unless it actually is. Here are five ways the impending zombie apocalypse can inspire you to work out. Just in case.

  1. Humans on the paunchy side are more likely to be taken first. Work on your cardio to ensure you stick around for a little bit longer.
  2. Take pride in your looks sooner rather than later. If the future of the human race comes down to you, you need to ensure someone would actually want to repopulate the planet with you.
  3. Work out with a friend. Remember, you don’t have to be faster than a zombie, you just have to be faster than your friend.
  4. It might be a good idea to get used to the high-protein diet early.
  5. New Zealand’s strict gun-control laws mean you’ll probably need to defend yourself with shovels and brute strength as opposed to shotguns.

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