Boys and their toys.

When you’re talking to your boyfriend about something ridiculously important, but his eyes glass over and you see inverse reruns of Rambo running over said eyes, don’t take it personally. It’s not unusual. It’s a guy thing.

It’s hard being a bloke: there are only so many hours in a day he can play with his toys. Point your man towards GrabOne Store’s Gadget Day where he’ll find a huge range of gadgety goodness for less – and he doesn’t have to be a geek either.

Banish that terrible geeky stereotype to the same place his Nintendo is gathering dust: today’s the day men all around the country prove that gadgets and fun stuff are inherently part of a man’s DNA, not a geek’s.

Let’s go shopping, guys!

There’s a huge range of goodies for all kinds of men, including watches, phones, cameras, computers, there’s even his very own Space Invaders machine. Thursday the 15th March, aka GrabOne Store’s Gadget Day, is set to appease every man’s geeky tendencies – at least until next time some new fandangled contraption is invented and he decides he simply must have it.