I first discovered GrabOne one day in 2010 while browsing the internet, and have used it nearly every week since! I’ve spent so much, so often I can’t remember now what that first deal I bought was.


One of the best experiences I’ve had with a GrabOne deal was when I’d let a voucher expire but the merchant was willing to honour it anyway … But I’ve also used GrabOne deals to travel, and have got my Thailand and Fiji fix four times through different deals!


For all the deals I’ve bought, there are still many I wish I’d bought, but missed. Usually because I have to check with my partner and are left waiting for an answer until it’s too late.


If GrabOne was global I’d love the chance to go and visit the top restaurants in Japan as I believe they have the best chefs in the world. And my dream holiday destination has to be Greece.


One thing I’d love to see more of on GrabOne is ornaments and glassware, especially Maori carvings and pieces with meaning. Apart from that I wish GrabOne a happy 5th birthday!

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