We know what you want, what you really really want!

When ladies were invented, the first thing God thought was “Holy smoke, I am well pleased with my work.” Shortly after, though, He thought, “Oh lawdy, what have I got myself into? I’m not sure I’ve invented chocolate yet.”

Let’s go shopping!

Guys struggle to know what women really want. GrabOne is obviously not run by males then, because we know exactly what they want. And if you head to GrabOne’s All About the Ladies Day, you’ll be let in on the secret too.

Featuring a full range of ladies’ only deals, from spas and makeovers to gym memberships and lingerie, All About the Ladies takes the time to treat the fairer sex to a well-rounded splash of pamper time, without making you spend a lot of hard-earned cash in the process.

And that should make the lads a little happier too.

You won’t find rainbows or unicorns here, but you will find an array of deals from some of the best lady-friendly businesses in the country. Take a ride on the lady carriage this coming Monday (the 12th) and spoil yourself or your special woman-friend to a little lovin’ for less.

And men, don’t think we’ve forgotten you. Keep an eye out next week for Gadget Day (it’s very manly).