The New Year is traditionally a time to look back on the last twelve months, and to make plans for a better year ahead – but after the madness of the holiday season and the struggle of returning to work, we wouldn’t be surprised if the resolutions you made on January 1st aren’t quite holding up. In case you need a bit of inspiration, we’ve put together some ideas to help you put solid plans in place to achieve your goals and nail 2017.


1. Get in shape

Yep, it’s time to finally sign up for that gym membership you’ve been contemplating. You might say that it’s a clichéd resolution, but all we’re hearing are excuses. Throw yourself into a three-month membership with Ludus Magnus and train like you mean it. Forget about fixed weights, shiny machines and mirrors on every surface – you’ll be flipping tyres and lifting kettlebells, just like the Roman gladiators used to do.* You’ll sweat buckets, gasp for breath and love every minute of it.

*They probably didn’t do this, but they certainly wouldn’t have been caught dead in a step class.

2. Focus on you

2016 was a rough year for everyone, but you survived it. Now it’s time to treat yo’ self!

Indulge in some much-needed pampering with a massage or acupuncture treatment to relieve some tension and rid you of stress. Just kick back, relax and enjoy this moment – you deserve it.


3. Explore your own backyard

We Kiwis have a habit of taking our country for granted, setting our sights instead on the big cities, exotic landscapes and magnificent architecture of Asia, Europe and beyond. But we live in the most beautiful place on earth, drawing millions of visitors every year – so get out there and explore it yourself! The team at Epic Cycle Adventures will help you on your way to experiencing 42km of the stunning Timber Trail in the heart of the North Island. The huge swing-bridges and natural beauty of one of New Zealand’s earliest forestry sites will surely take your breath away.


4. Get your dream job

Did you spend 2016 slogging away at job that’s just not right for you? Go out and get the role you’ve been dreaming of in 2017.

Whether it’s a promotion you’re after, or you want to enter a whole new industry, HR consultant Lauren Roughton will whip your CV into shape, ensure you stand out to potential employers, and help make your dreams a reality.


5. Learn a new skill

Want to get the most out of our beautiful beaches? Head out on the water with Aotearoa Surf School for an unforgettable day of surfing or stand up paddleboarding.

They’ll teach you all the tips and tricks so you can tackle the sea yourself this summer. It’s a great way to keep fit, and you might just find yourself a hobby that lasts a lifetime.


6. Live without ragrets regrets

Move on from the bad choices of your past and invest in laser tattoo removal. Whether you’re looking to remove a tattoo completely or just have it lightened a few shades, Vanish Laser Clinic has got your back.

Using the latest technology for a safe and comfortable experience, they’ll give you the gift of confidence in just three quick visits.


7. Get busy living

Life is all about getting out there and experiencing everything the world has to offer. So start ticking off your bucket list in 2017, and explore the stunning national parks of North America, the amazing sights and delicious cuisine of Asia, the hiking trails of South America, or the beautiful beaches of Australia and the Islands. Plan your next getaway now and start creating some exciting memories with your friends and family.


8. Set yourself a challenge

Challenge your body and mind this year and commit to competing in the North Shore Marathon. You have until September to get fighting fit, but if a full marathon still sounds like too much of a mish, you can take on the half-marathon, 10km, or 5km fun run events instead. Plus, you’ll get a finisher’s medal and downloadable certificate so you’ll always be reminded of the amazing things you can achieve when you really put your mind to it.


9. Save money

Pockets feeling a bit lighter after the silly season? Make this the year you get your finances in order – start saving, pay off debt, or just stop going into overdraft! But spending less doesn’t have to be boring. Check out the deals in your area and enjoy wicked activities and escapes, delicious food, beauty and health services, and the best products – for less. You can even save on the things you don’t like spending on, like keeping your house and car in working order. Sweet deal.


10. Get a makeover

Throw caution to the wind and unlock a whole new you in 2017! Grab one of these incredible hair packages, sit back and relax with a cup of tea and a magazine, and let a Vivo stylist work their magic.

They can transform your frizzy, unruly tresses into a smooth, shiny mane, overhaul your look with an entirely new cut, or add a little – or a lot – of colour. Go on, live a little.