Dad, father, daddy, pa, pop, or me old man – whatever you may call the father figure in your life, we all know just how incredible, special and important they are. For a lot of us, our fathers are just that, our fathers, but for many of us, it’s anyone that has taken the time to support us, guide us, or just be there for us, and in the end all dads are incredible in their own unique way.

Melinda, Operations Manager

These are my Dads. They’ve been Dad-ing together for 21 years. One of them made me and one of them chose me.

They taught me the important things in life, like how to build a fence and that we always cheer for the All Blacks, or not Australia.

They’re pretty stand up guys, if not for their co-parenting prowess, for sneaking Comic Sans into this horrific birthday ensemble.

Thomas, Insights Analyst, and Matthew, Account Manager

Our Papa Bear has six kids, three grandkids (with another on the way) and 30 years of marriage to be celebrated for.

In 30 years of dad-ing, our dad has built tree houses and blow karts, taken his kids to sports and school, started a now-thriving business during a recession, and still managed to find time to almost entirely rebuild our family home.

That’s pretty super of him.

Jenny, Sales Coordinator

Last year was a tough one for my family, but with everything that was going on, my Dad trained for and completed the Tour Aotearoa. He cycled the length of the country – from Cape Reinga to Bluff (3,030km) – in 27 days.

There are no words to express how proud I am of his achievement – not only the physical challenge, but the mental and emotional barriers he pushed through to keep going to the end.

What a legend!

Sophie, Deal Content Coordinator

This is my dad, Stich!

He does lots of super awesome stuff for his kids.

For example, I recently moved house, and realised upon moving in that the wardrobe in my new room had these big ugly shelves built into them.

Dad brought all his tools over, knocked the whole thing out and built me a brand new wardrobe with a bar and a top shelf and everything! He did it in one day and it’s perfect!

Jo, Business Development Manager

My grandad Harry turned 100 on April 27th this year and received a birthday card from the Queen, as well as the key to Sevenoaks, England.

He took part in eight campaigns during WWII, and last year was invited to the premiere of Dunkirk, after first having tea at Kensington Palace with Prince Harry. He was interviewed by the BBC, Daily Express and many other news outlets – he is full of stories.

He still lives at home, has all his wit and charm, and speeds around on his motor scooter. He is my true hero.


Aditi, Key Accounts Manager

My dad was the first man who I ever loved and the first man who loved me unconditionally.

He’s the most selfless man I know – he left everything and moved countries to ensure his family had a better life. He worked insanely hard to give his girls whatever they wanted, but also taught us to be humble at all times. He taught me how to walk, ride a bike, and drive.

I love you daddy!

Amanda, Marketing Manager

It takes a village to raise a child, and I was lucky enough to grow up in a home that felt a bit like a village – with three siblings, mum, dad, and their best mate, our ‘Uncle’ John.

Dad worked incredibly hard, often working late nights and weekends to ensure we had everything we would ever need, as did mum. That meant Uncle John was the next in line to cook our meals, pick us up from school, cheer us on at sports games… basically to ‘dad’ without being a dad.

I count myself super lucky to have had two father figures to celebrate every Father’s Day. Cheers to them.

This Father’s Day, show your appreciation for your incredible dad with an incredible experience, and the chance to create more amazing memories together.