Believe it or not, in the last seven and a half years (ish) since GrabOne first burst onto the scene, the world up and changed. Digital markets transformed with app-based taxis delivering food, swipes starting relationships, virtual reality dismissing the previous ‘don’t put your eyes so close to the TV trend’, and the whole world adopting a ‘technology-first’ attitude.

The whole world evolved. Good thing we evolved along with it.

Our business model went from being a one-deal-per-day daily deal site based on activations (i.e. you and four other people would have to buy a deal before you actually got to enjoy it) to a smorgasbord of offers and promotions to pique the interest of everyone in New Zealand. But despite the dramatic shift in our approach – and our massive rebrand last year – there are still some lingering misconceptions about how GrabOne works.

So, let’s dispel some of them.

Myth: GrabOne charges a flat 30% commission fee with no negotiation

We’re not sure exactly when this one started cropping up but it’s actually never been the case. Our goal has always been to offer a flexible, negotiable, commission structure that works for each individual merchant. No two businesses are the same – so why should you be forced to work to another business’ marketing budget? We tailor what works for you, with you, so you have full confidence in your promotions.

Myth: GrabOne sends, like, eighty emails a day

To be fair, we used to send a truckload of emails because, at the time, it was an effective way to saturate the market. Nowadays, your customers are getting emails daily from all corners of the globe, so we’re doing what we can to make sure every email we send is packed with the right content for the right customer. Precision over saturation. Our goal isn’t for our daily email to be a drop in the ocean of promotions people are receiving each day – we want it to hit that ocean like a meteor.

Myth: GrabOne demands huge discounts in order to run

Despite the fact we still call our promotions ‘deals’, they actually don’t have to run at a huge discount if you don’t want them to. We’re first and foremost a marketing channel, meaning that while some of our audience definitely do expect a discount, what they really want is great content. They want to know the best places to eat, get a haircut, jump out of a plane, or who the local landscaping ace is. It just so happens that a great discount helps a promotion to stand out from the rest. As with the commission rate, any deal structure is built around your needs and flexibility, so we’ll never force you to sacrifice more than you can handle.

Myth: GrabOne is owned by an overseas company

¿De qué estás hablando? Sure, the business is packed full of people from around the globe but we’re owned and operated by NZME, which is Kiwi as. It even has ‘NZ’ right there in the name. (Side note, because we’re part of the NZME machine, it means we have close ties to all of their assets so feel free to ask your GrabOne Business Consultant about what kind of exposure opportunities that may give your business.) GrabOne started in NZ, lives in NZ, and has a sole focus on NZ.

Myth: GrabOne is a last resort for desperate businesses

While we pride ourselves on being superheroes to the needy, we’re out to make things better for every business in New Zealand, not just the start-ups or the struggling. We have a mission statement that we bandy around that says ‘we connect Kiwi businesses that want to grow with Kiwis who want to live’. We’re proud of each and every one of our merchants and want them all to reach their full potential in the market regardless of if they’re working through a bit of a rough patch.

There are plenty more myths where these came from and we’ll be looking to tackle each and every one as soon as we hear them. As always, if you have any questions, hit up your GrabOne Business Consultant and they can help dispel any preconceptions that might be holding you back from making the most of the GrabOne platform.