One thing you might have noticed about GrabOne coupons is they’re not very… well, pretty. But if you see a sweet deal which would be just PERFECT for that special someone, how could you not give it to them?

The easiest way to do that is to hit: “Gift one to a friend!” just under the Buy! button. It’ll wing its way to the recipient email account (and they won’t be able to tell how much you paid for it). Still, there’s something about opening a present on Christmas morning, right? And if you buy too early, it could ruin the surprise!

Just hit "Gift one to a friend!"

Why not fold the printed voucher into a cute origami piece? They’ll think you’re a wizard, and you won’t even have to wrap it!

We tested four origami patterns on A4 printer paper – just the same as you’ll have (from easiest to most complicated):

An origami envelope you can fold from A4 paper.

Origami envelope. I think we used to make these at school. If you were really clever, you could tuck a tiny Christmas card inside.

Love this little origami fish!

Origami fish. How cute is this little guy? You could really go crazy dressing him up.

This simple origami heart was folded from an A4 piece of paper.

Origami heart. Awww, too sweet.

 This origami dove would look sweet tucked into the Christmas tree.

Origami dove. This piece calls for a square piece of paper – you could either trim yours, or fold it up inside the piece, which is what I did.

If that’s not your style, why not try:

  • Tucking your voucher into a book, or CD or DVD they’d enjoy (they don’t have to be new!).
  • Sneak a voucher into a Christmas cracker and let them win at pulling it
  • Fill a box with packing peanuts and slip in the folded voucher.
  • Say: “Here, I got you this GrabOne voucher!”

Any more ideas? Let us know in the comments!