In many ways it’s the most important bit to get right when you run a GrabOne deal. Once you get these new customers through the doors, how do you get them to come back?

1. You should treat your GrabOne customer the same as any other.
Remember they are excited to have the opportunity to experience your great products and services so if you want them back it’s about prove it to them you are worth it. As our research has shown, most of them have money to spend; they just want you to convince them to spend it with you!

2. Get to know them.
It might be their first time on your premises and you want to ensure it isn’t the last. Chances are they’ve wanted to try the service you offer for a while, and the GrabOne deal just convinced them to take the leap. So find out what was holding them back, and you might just discover the key to retaining them.

3. Set expectations early.
It might sound counter intuitive to tell a customer that you’re really busy and the wait might be 20 minutes instead of 10, but that’s exactly what you should be doing if that’s the case. For a customer, not knowing what’s going on, when you’re going to be served, or going unacknowledged, are guaranteed to test their patience. Ease their uncertainty from the start and 99% of the time they will be happy to wait a few minutes more.

4. Anticipate rather than react.
It’s one of the golden rules of the hospitality business, but also works wonders in any number of industries. For example, if you’ve just serviced a customer’s car and noticed something else that will require attention soon, be sure to tell them. You don’t necessarily need to try and get them to commit right then, when the time comes to get it done, they’ll remember that you were kind enough to give them a heads-up and that you can provide that service.

5. Give them more than they bargained for.
Yes, they already get more than they’d normally get when they buy a GrabOne deal, but your potential new customers are still waiting to be wooed. Sometimes people are a little self-conscious about the fact they are getting a discount and fear they’ll be treated differently. So defy their expectations with a small token of appreciation or service that goes the extra mile and turn them from our customers into yours!