Your customers in 2015 will require immediacy, yet still prefer shopping online. Seems like a paradox, but what it means in real terms is that they want to browse and complete their purchase online, but enjoy it as soon as possible. Luckily the GrabOne model already fits this consumer habit perfectly!

They are loyal too, with 89% relying on the same brands. So they key, as ever, is getting them through the door so you can win them over. Of course, GrabOne can help you there too.

Ultimately, with rising costs of living affecting everybody, value-for-money is going to be the key factor for consumers next year. 41% of millennials admit to ‘showrooming’ (meaning they’ll visit a physical store to see a product, then look online to find the best deal) and more than 50% will refer to four or more sources before deciding where to purchase.

Being regarded as the first place to go to find the best deals puts GrabOne in a great position for those of you looking to leverage this value-conscious behaviour. Prominent positioning in the marketplace and having the best offers will be the key to winning customers in 2015.