At GrabOne, we’re so passionate about bringing you the best deals every day that we decided to let even more Kiwis know about us. And if you’ve been watching TV this week, chances are you might have already noticed the commercials that started hitting screens on Monday. These ads feature 40 of our most die-hard Facebook fans along as extras in the shoot, and it’s fair to say that we’re pretty chuffed with the result.

Why, you’re probably wondering, did we decide to go on TV? Well, we figured you’ve already helped us spread the news about GrabOne deals to your friends and family. Whether you did it through word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter or forwarding emails ’round the office. But we wanted to tell the entire country that GrabOne is here to help you experience more of your region for less than it’d normally cost. So, we made an ad that shows the benefits that GrabOne offers everyone – from ordinary Grabbies down the road to some of the amazing local businesses who work with us every day to bring you such great deals.

The main thing we wanted to achieve with these ads was to be authentic as possible. So we teamed up with the good team at Small Town Media and profiled the real success that a bowling business achieved when promoting their business through GrabOne. To top it off, we enlisted our Facebook friends from GrabOne’s 90,000 strong Facebook Page to fill the Bowling Alley with their stunning good looks, passion for GrabOne deals and sensational bowling technique.

It was heart-warming to see so many Grabbies come along to be in the ad, not to mention AMF bowling in Panmure Auckland supporting us with the use of their bowling alley for a day’s shoot – so a big, heartfelt thank you to you all!

The gist of our campaign is simple: when people buy together, they save together and can have a great time for not a lot of money. Within the GrabOne ads, we see a group of friends and a family (spoiler alert!) buying together, getting great deals and having an awesome time. Simple, right?

The theme song “Better With You” helps complete the feel – a soft, folky and hopefully catchy little number that we felt really backed up what GrabOne is all about. We’ve added some of the lyrics to the video on YouTube, so if you’re keen, click through and have a look.

It needs to be said that our ads, and GrabOne itself for that matter, wouldn’t be here without the support of our Grabbies and the businesses that list with us each day. So again, thank you for your support.

Also, a very special thanks goes to AJ and Matt at Small Town Media as well as Rupert and Victoria for turning the whole production around as quickly and professionally as they did. The speed of pre and post production must be some kind of world record!

So if you’ve not already seen it, you might like keep an eye out on channel One and TV2 in the coming weeks to see our ads come to life, and we’ll keep working hard to bring you the best deals New Zealand has to offer.

Special thanks also goes to the other businesses that helped us out:
Auckland Jet Boat Tours
Sky Jump
The Paddington
Fullers Ferry’s