Have you had a great GrabOne experience lately? Got a photo, video or amazing story to prove it? If you’ve had one – or you’re about to. The Grab One Genie would like to know about it! Share an experience you’ve had with your GrabOne voucher by email:  genie@grabone.co.nz or tweet: @GrabOneGenie and  you might just find yourself with a little extra credit!

The Genie can give away 3 bunches of credit daily – and MORE credit will be awarded depending on what you share! In other words, if you share a picture, a video, a blog post or the most amazing story of about your experience, the better the reward.

To be eligible for credit you also must have evidence that you have actually purchased a GrabOne voucher, so we have to be able to see it as being purchased in your account or by having the physical voucher in the picture somewhere. And remember the Genie is always here! So you never know when you might find yourself rewarded for sharing your experience.

Have Fun!