Ah, Christmas. It’s the most magical time of the year – and often the most expensive! We asked our Grabbies how they keep the costs down over the silly season. Here are some of your best tips.

Alieen F says:

“Either buy from GrabOne for some great deals, or home made ‘foodie’ gifts are always very welcome. Cookies, chutney, jam, cakes, platters, biscuits, preserved fruit…”

Anne D is another cook:

“I bake homemade Christmas Cakes and Jams to give as gifts, they cost a fraction of bought ones and taste so much nicer.”

Gale B is an expert budgeter:

“I have a special account I put money in every pay so I don’t have to suddenly find the money somehow.” Other people recommend buying a supermarket voucher every time you visit throughout the year to sort out Christmas dinner.

Polli M has a great way to save on food:

“Instead of cooking a mega Christmas dinner feed, each family member prepares their favourite dish, enough to share with the rest of the family. It works well even if a five year old just opens a can of beetroot.”

Trevor L spreads the costs in a slightly different way:

“In the 8 weeks before Christmas we buy three or four grocery items that are Christmas related and on special each week and put them aside, then on Christmas Eve we get them all out and it is a treat that lasts through Christmas and saves on Christmas groceries.”

Lots of people recommend Secret Santa:

You randomly pull one person’s name out of the hat, and only buy a gift for that person.

Anna H also buys for the kids in her extended family – and makes sure her partner knows he has to buy her a gift too: “He’s not allowed to not think of me at Christmas!”

Helen B plays Secret Santa with a strict $5 limit – can you imagine the creative gifts everyone would produce?

Vienna C has figured out the secret to thoughtful gift giving:

“I listen to my children and loved ones of things they like,” and to keep it affordable: “I buy them when they are on special throughout the year and hide them until Christmas arrives.”

Sarah G has to have the last word:

“I buy my Christmas presents on Grabone. Saves heaps!”

Take Sarah’s advice and check out GrabOne’s Events page. You’ll find gifts for Him, Her, Kids and Families, plus gifts Under $20, Under $50, Under $100 and Over $100, to help you with your shopping. Keep visiting these pages regularly too – they’re constantly updating as we add new deals to the mix! Or if that’s all too much, why not give a gift card instead?

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