It might be cold outside, the day before payday, or maybe you had a busy weekend … there will always be a reason not to get out of the house with the kids in the holidays. But there are infinitely more reasons why you should. Below are just five, and remember you can always find things to do on GrabOne! 


1. For the sake of your treasured trinkets

The equation ‘kids plus your home over time’ has a probability curve that end with a 100% likelihood of your home being completely destroyed. If you’ve ever caught yourself muttering “I can’t have anything nice” while crying over a broken ornament, you’ll know that getting out of your house and letting the kids run riot absolutely anywhere else is preferable. If you haven’t, what’s your secret?

Things are getting out of control in here!

2. For the good of your kids

Stimulation, education and experiences could be as important to brain development as eating the right foods. You don’t want your kids to be stumped when they get back to school and the first task is to ‘write about what you did in the holidays’. Give them something to work with!

3. To save your own sanity

Society would have you think that solitary confinement is one of the worst punishments that can be bestowed on a person. But being in a confined space with a little person with the energy of a sugar-fueled puppy and the attention span of a gnat is far harsher.

4. For the springs in your furniture

You never see them, only occasionally hear them, but they are vital to your home comfort: it’s springs. The ones in your sofa, your armchair, your mattress and even your ottoman. For some unfathomable reason, kids have decided all springs must be tortured and battered into submission to the point where they either give up altogether or decide to retaliate by constantly poking you in the bum.


5. Because it’s the age of the internet

Assuming they’ve learned the pin code to your phone or tablet, and the password to the computer, your kids have internet access at their fingertips. The last thing you want to do is give them a full-day’s run at falling down a YouTube hole and end up watching ‘Charlie loses fingers in rabid dog attack’ when looking for ‘Charlie bit my finger’. Or worse, listening to Bieber on your Spotify account. You simply can’t let that happen.