Rocket Ropes

Boost the little ones confidence and your downtime thanks to a Rocketeer Pre-Schooler Climbing Pass. With this pass the youngins can climb, explore and excel at the low climbing course, all while you sit back, relax and admire your kids rising to the challenge.

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Enchanted Forest Mini Golf

Whether you’re in it to win it, or you take a more relaxed approach, the Enchanted Forest Mini Golf course is the best place to celebrate your win or mourn your loss. Boasting an environment full of wonderment, with exciting new displays around every corner, you and the kids are sure to be happy, win or lose.

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4 Track Adventures

Turn and weave your quad through the magical tracks of the forest, expose yourself to nature’s charming mess and experience a whole lot of fun with the ‘Trail Blaze Safari’ experience. Specifically engineered with your fun and safety in mind, your entire 15-20km journey through stunning forest scenery is fully-guided so that you and your young teen can focus on the fun at hand.

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