Large lockup

By Alex Mackrill

Working at GrabOne you can actually build up an immunity the appeal of most deals. (You simply can’t buy them all unfortunately and, as tempting as it might be to get paid in vouchers, cash has a few more practical uses when it comes to paying the bills.) But if there was one deal that had me hovering over the buy button every time it appeared onsite, it was the $85 lunch at Jervois Steak House in Herne Bay. Finally, after feeling the pain of letting it go too many times, me and a GrabOne colleague agreed to split the cost and booked ourselves in for a Friday lunch.


As soon as we arrived we had a feeling we were in for a treat. The smell of the grill, the classy table settings,
and the bare brick walls set the scene for something special, and the welcome was warm and sincere.

We had an idea of what we might order having spent entirely too long pouring over the menu online beforehand. But we were actually presented with a pretty tough decision by our waiter (who was excellent) when he revealed just how many options our GrabOne voucher allowed us. In the end we both went for the unique-sounding ‘Jervois Cut’ eye fillet served on the bone. For sides we shared the triple-cooked chips and a rocket and manchego salad, and both chose the Pinot Noir that was also part of the deal.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Both me and my colleague have had a few steaks in our time, and we’d been talking about our ‘best ever’ steaks while we excitedly waited for ours to arrive. And when they did we shut the heck up. These were, we both agreed, the best cooked, most tender and most flavourful steaks we’d ever had the pleasure of eating. The flavour imparted by being cooked on the bone and by the grasslands of the mighty Southern Alps (as the menu boasted), permeated every bite of this prime cut.  The knives weren’t even serrated like a traditional steak knife – and they didn’t need to be. They sliced right through our sizable steaks like they were butter.


 I wish I was eating one of these right now.

The sauces we’d chosen on the side (also included) were equally delicious. His ( Syrah & truffle jus) was a deep and complex complement to the meat, while mine (the truffle, chipotle & horseradish bearnaise) was an unctuous counterpoint which also tasted bloody good to dip the chips into. The chips, by the way, were exactly how triple cooked chips should be – glassy and crunchy on the outside yet fluffy in the middle. The salad served to freshen up the whole ensemble with the peppery rocket and tangy cheese.

We sat back, having conquered the mountain of food that had been placed before us, feeling on top of the world. Well done Jervois Steak House – you lived up to your reputation of being the best steak house in town by being exactly that. When my wife enquired by text about how it was I could only reply “JSH OMG”. If you want to experience it yourself, grab today’s deal below. You have a steak-lover’s promise you won’t regret it!