You asked for it and so we made it our mission to get it for you. Introducing the brand spanking new, Coupon Expiry Reminder. What’s that you say? The new Coupon Expiry Reminder allows you to set a reminder email for 4, 3, 2 or 1 week before your coupon is due to expire. Grab the memory of an elephant and you’ll never forget about a coupon expiring again.


Handy! How does it work?

1. Once you’ve bought a GrabOne coupon, you will be presented with a ‘Set Coupon Expiry Reminder’ button on both the website and in your purchase confirmation email. Click this button to enter your Coupons/Purchases Page. Here you can choose which deals to set a reminder for.

2. Simply click the Coupon Expiry Reminder check box. Select how many weeks prior to your coupon expiry you would like to schedule your reminder email for by using the drop-down arrow. Select ’4,3,2 or 1 week prior to expiry’. Click the ‘Save Settings’ button and hey presto – you’re done. A magical email will appear in your inbox on the week you set it for.


Oops, I forgot to set my expiry reminder!

Don’t worry, if you forgot to set your expiry reminder when you first bought the deal, you can still do so at a later date. Make sure you are logged in and click ‘My Purchases’ at the top of the screen. Set the Coupon Expiry Reminder in the same way as above.


I’ve already used it. How do I cancel?

Cancelling your Coupon Expiry Reminder email is easy peasy. Simply un-tick the Coupon Expiry check box.