Love was in the air, everywhere they looked around..

We here at GrabOne love a bit of lovin’. In a strictly platonic sense of the word, obviously. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of love-based gossip going on in the office, so when we hear about flourishing love stories out there in the real world, we get all smooshy and snuggly inside.

Feeling a little love-deprived yourself? Keen for a warm and gooey love story that will restore your belief in the power of the L word all over again? Read this wee tale from a lovely love-lovin’ Grabbie just like you.

“It just so happened that GrabOne was running a cruise on the Wahine Moe scenic cruise and overnight stay on the Raglan harbour a week before Valentine’s Day. As a gift my partner bought one and as it was so popular we booked to go the last weekend in March [last year].

Leaving our car locked safely on the dock we boarded the beautiful boat and were given the grand tour. There were two floors: the top deck was set up like a bar, complete with seats for viewing God’s wonders and a spa bath, while downstairs was an amazing self-contained hotel room.

With the captain steering and giving us a commentary tour about Raglan’s history, we sat on the bow of the boat while enjoying complimentary bubbles and dinner in style.

After the cruise was over the crew anchored us in the bay for the night and disembarked, leaving us on our own with the spa, fishing and the romance of the night.

After a beautiful night alone (and a spot of fishing I must add), my partner got down on this knees, in the middle of the boat, in the middle of Raglan, and asked me to marry him!

Waking up to the crystal clear water in the middle of Raglan with my  future husband was the best (belated) Valentine’s Day EVER! We would do it again in a heart beat. Thanks GrabOne.”

– Taka Neha & Rebecca Reid (soon to become Neha too!)