By Stefanus Titing

You may have noticed that the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting worse for wear and the sun no longer shines as brightly above us. Outdoor BBQs start to become quiet family dinners at the dining table, swimming at the beach turns into a night on the couch with Netflix, and water balloons are replaced by snowballs. With the eventual arrival of winter, it’s time to make the most out of what little sunshine is left and enjoy a couple of activities on offer from GrabOne before the big bad cold sets in.


Go on a charter to break your fishing-chart records

i2dlkf22There is simply nothing better than setting out on the open sea for some fishing action. Go on a solo venture or take a mate with you and join Bay Fishing Charters for an awesome time on the water. Everything from your fishing gear to your snacks will be provided so all you have to do is gear up, set your line and wait for the ‘big one’.


Bounce all the way back to where summer began

i97be22Get into a giant inflatable ball, hang on tight, and roll down a slippery slo– wait what? We know, it sounds pretty crazy, but it’s also a heck lot of fun. The ZORB in Rotorua is a world-famous attraction that will get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. Choose from the board-riding ZURF ride that has all the benefits of surfing without the waves or let loose with the ZYDRO, where you get to roll downhill inside of a giant ball and experience what being a hamster feels like.


Reptile park before the dark

iex2l32Sitting on your couch while watching Animal Planet is cool and all, but you can definitely do one better by going to the Ti Point Reptile Park to see those exotic-looking reptiles for yourself. You’ll be able to discover many varieties of reptiles, ranging from native New Zealand lizards such as the tuatara to mighty alligators. Don’t miss out on your chance to see these cold-blooded animals before the cold arrives.


Surfing like you’ve never experienced before

i3lkxpl32Take surfing, add another level (and word), and you have windsurfing. Experience the feeling of having wind and water wash over you while you hover over waves like a pro, hopefully for more than a few seconds. The experienced team at Madloop will ensure that your lesson teaches you all the basics so you can create some thrills on your own. If windsurfing sounds a bit too hardcore, then an option for stand-up paddleboarding is available for those who enjoy a calmer, more relaxing time on the water.


Balls to the holes

i9x6l32The luscious green grass, entrancing country surroundings, and a course filled with scenery makes Peppers Carrington Resort one of the best places in the country to play your game. Grab yourself a round of golf at this amazing course where your hole-in-one skills will be put to the test. Practice the art of golfing by your lone self or call a couple of mates over for some not-so-friendly competition. Either way, always remember – Golf Only Leads to Fun.


The sky’s the limit

i36dl32Are you sick and tired of walking with your legs while those pesky birds hover above you, taunting you with their perfect wings? Well this offer has got the solution that will have you taking off into the skies. Heliflite Charter & Training will take your breath away with a helicopter ride that takes you over iconic places within the city of sails such as the Hauraki Gulf, Sky Tower and Rangitoto summit. Plus, there really is no better way to enjoy the last of the sun than by being on its level and seeing it in all its glory.

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