OK. It’s a bit of a sensitive subject. Who’s better at driving – men or women?

Girls think they are, guys think they are, both think the other is terrible, but now GrabOne and TOWER have joined forces to figure out the truth once and for all.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to help us. For your efforts, you could win one of three $50 GrabOne credit prizes.

It’s super simple to enter:

  1. Download the new TOWER SmartDriver app for free here – you don’t need to be a TOWER customer to use it either.
  2. Complete TOWER’s 250km challenge (find out more by watching the video below) – just start the app at the beginning of a trip then stop it when you stop driving.
  3. When you hit 250km you’ll get a score page with your driver score.
  4. Screenshot your final rating.
  5. Upload the image to GrabOne’s Facebook page.

We’ll compile the results into a Battle of the Sexes then randomly award the top three drivers $50 GrabOne credit each.

And … it gets better. The higher your final rating, the more you could save on your TOWER motor insurance premium. If you’re really awesome, you could save up to 20%!

So how does the TOWER SmartDriver app work?
The nifty TOWER SmartDriver app uses your smartphone sensors to judge abrupt movements and smooth driving. The first of its kind in New Zealand, the app’s designed to make you a better driver and help you save on car insurance. Download the app for free, hit the start button before you begin your journey then stop when you reach the destination. At the end of each trip you’ll get feedback on your driving including a map of your trip and where you made any hard and abrupt stops. When you hit 250km, SmartDriver will give you a customised driver score of anything between zero and 10. The better your driver score, the more you could save on your TOWER motor insurance premium. Score!

Download the app today and help us figure out who really is the better driver. (Go girls!)