In 2015 GrabOne and Honda teamed up to offer the Honda Jazz used by the winners of TV3’s The Block as a very special GrabOne deal.

And after four days of the price dropping it sold for $24,150!

Now we’ve teamed up again with Honda and to give one lucky Kiwi motorist the chance to buy the brand new Honda Civic RS Sport Hatch at a never to be repeated price.

Starting this Tuesday at the price of $41,000, the price will drop each day at 9am. You won’t know how much the price will drop, and you won’t know who else is keeping close eyes on the offer. As the price drops by hundreds, or even thousands, the urge to grab it will increase but, with only one available, only the first to hit buy will get it.

For a deposit of just $1,000 down the lucky purchaser will also be able to choose the colour of their car and the Honda dealership they want to collect it from.

Check each day at 9am from Tuesday 11th July to see the price drop!