About the ‘reverse auction’

It’s not an auction in the sense that you’re bidding on the car. In fact, whoever acts first will get the car. But it is a reverse auction in the sense that the price will drop each day for a week until someone buys it. We think, apart from being a really cool way to sell a car, that it might just be an online first in NZ!

We’re going to keep the price drops a secret until revealed daily at 9am, because it’s more fun that way. We’re already starting at a price that’s below market value for this car with less than 6,000km on the clock, but how much less will it be tomorrow? $100, $1000, or somewhere in between? If you’re in the market for a near new car at a used car price can you afford to let it drop any more and risk someone else getting it? You get the idea. Ultimately someone will get a bargain, a bunch of people will wait too long and miss out, and the rest of us will just enjoy watching it unfold.



About the car

It’s not just a Honda Jazz as seen on TV3’s The Block NZ, it is the actual car which was used on the show! While that explains why the car has only seen light use and is in great resale condition, what’s far more important to the person who buys it is, of course, bragging rights. And you can’t put a price on that.


Buying the car

We know most people don’t have tens of thousands of dollars on their cards to drop on a car. So you’ll notice the deal has a $1000 down option. There are some terms and conditions around taking that option, but it does mean you can make the car yours first, then sort out you finance or do whatever you need to do to pay the balance!

Enjoying the ride

Head over to our Facebook page to be part of the discussion around this unique offer. We’re especially keen to know what people think the car will go for! Also check your daily GrabOne emails where the deal will be prominently featured. Just remember that the price drop won’t happen until 9am each day, so keep your eyes on the site too!


Follow the auction action at www.grabone.co.nz/jazz