Remarketing is an online term for serving content to people based on what they have browsed, bought and clicked on in the past. But what can you do if you take that idea and apply it to customers in the real world? We think you can turn your new customers into repeat business!

Once GrabOne has delivered your new customer to your door, and you’ve given them the same great service you give all your customers, they’re sure to come back right? Well you can’t be entirely sure, but you can take further steps to ensure you can remarket to them and give them every reason to return. If you’re not thinking about the next steps in marketing to your newly acquired customers, here are some ideas to give you the best chance at luring them back.

check30Give them a loyalty card.
Even though you won’t want them using a GrabOne offer on top of a loyalty card, you should always ensure they leave with one to use on their return.

check30Incentivise a Facebook like or mailing list sign up.
For the cost to you of a cup of coffee, product sample, or something similarly small, you can capture a Facebook follow or email address which gives your business a clear channel to talk to these new customers.

check30Reward their next visit.
A free drink, dessert, or supplementary service for the next visit will not only delight your customer on their first visit, it will increase the chance of them coming back to take advantage.

So when your customers come armed and ready with a GrabOne voucher, make sure you’re armed and ready with some remarketing strategies to entice them to come back again.