Summer lovin’ at Splash Planet

With summer comes inevitable prolonged H2O immersion. It’s just a Kiwi thing. But sometimes the fear of jellyfish stings, shark attacks and sand in your pants keeps you sitting on the shore instead of floating neck-deep in ocean. Swap the sea for Splash Planet instead, with massive discounts off Super Pass entries for kids and adults. Jellyfish-, shark- and sand-free, Splash Planet is this summer’s solution to 30+ degree heat. Check out our top five positions to perform on the water slides to really get the most out of your next visit.

The Nose-Breaker
Try to run up the slide as far as you can before you slip and break your nose.

The Superman
Slide head-first on your stomach with one arm out-stretched. Try to gargle the Superman theme song for bonus points.

The Breech Birth Baby
Doubled over, with your bum first. You also get a smack on the bum when you hit the water, just like a newborn.

Exit the Dragon
Do a Bruce Lee fly kick upon exiting the slide, preferably with a high-pitched scream.

Tog Swap Challenge
For covered slides only. You and a friend attempt to swap togs with one another before the slide ends. Points lost if either pair of togs emerges inside-out.

*Disclaimer: Experiment with these moves at your own risk. GrabOne takes no responsibility if you get kicked out of Splash Planet for unruly behaviour.