Personalisation and relevancy are two words you are going to be hearing more and more when people talk about ecommerce over the next few years. And whatever trade you’re in you’ll need to know them as businesses get smarter about customising their messages and offers to you as an individual.

GrabOne has been working with personalisation and relevancy for a couple of years now. With an algorithm that was built in-house, we serve relevant content to subscribed users based on their preferences every day.

We have gained significant learnings from our initial efforts with personalisation and relevancy, collected over 4.7 billion data points, and are currently developing next generation relevancy that will capture purchase and browsing behaviour along with other critical influencers to deliver the next best message.


We also see the benefit in cross device communication and geo-locating technology to deliver content at the time and location of a particular consumer need, with around 350K GrabOne app downloads there is a big opportunity for GrabOne and the retailers we work with.

With 5 years of customer data we have in-depth knowledge on consumer online behaviour which enables us to segment audiences and create super niche audiences across many categories to remarket to.

However, personalisation only becomes practical when you have enough content to offer it effectively. GrabOne is the only deals site that really has enough merchants across enough types of industries (F&B, activities, beauty, trade services, travel, homewares, etc.) to be able to serve up a highly relevant, localised and useful selection of offers.


Five years from now, personalisation and relevancy of offers will not just be commonplace; they will be expected by consumers. With our hyper-local and data-led strategies, GrabOne will be at the forefront of this. The GrabOne marketplace model means that we will always cover our consumers’ needs across categories and across location, while our search functionality will always ensure it is quick and easy to find.