If you’ve been dying for your chance to recreate that Keanu Reeves  scene from Point Break, this may very well be the break you’ve been looking for. GrabOne and Blueskies Skydiving want to chuck two Grabbies out of a plane over Auckland in a Tandem Skydive (worth $295) – and one of them could be YOU!

TO ENTER: Send in a photo OR video of yourself redeeming a voucher at a GrabOne business with the GrabOne voucher you’ve purchased to grabbie@grabone.co.nz. Best entries will win Skydive and get all the action filmed professionally by 90secondsTV PLUS a goodie bag from GrabOne to take home.

THE CATCH? You’ll need to be in Auckland for the Jump date (TBC), or be able to get to Auckland for the day. And you’ll need to make sure you read the fine print about this at the bottom of the page. And Obviously, you can’t be scared of heights and meet the minimum restrictions for every five. Cool? Then read our tips below to push your entry to the top of the pile.

WANT TO MAKE YOUR ENTRY AWESOMER THAN EVERYONE ELSES? Put down that make up, Bieber, because looks don’t matter. With G forces pummeling you at 12,000 ft, you’re going to look weirder than a Shar Pei hanging out of a car going 100km p/h. We’re simply looking for big, bold and beautful personalities to be our model Grabbies. And we’re looking for not ONE but TWO people who reflect the Grabbie Spirit – so grab your MATES!!

Get on Facebook or hop on Twitter and tell us why you deserve to win! Spread the word… just gather all the support you can get and show us what you’re made of. Then, email your best photo or video to grabbie@grabone.co.nz

DEADLINE EXTENDED! You have ’til the end of October to enter! So get your vouchers together and get sorted now.

Remember that normal safety restrictions and conditions apply to the Blue Skies sky dive so make sure you check these out before you enter. All entries must be sent to grabbie@grabone.co.nz


* Competition closes on the 31st October 2010 at 12pm.
* By submitting your photo or video you are giving us permission to use it on our Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, website and/or blog.
* Travel to Auckland is unable to be covered by GrabOne, so you’re responsible for this if you live outside the area.
* You must be signed up for GrabOne and have purchased and used a GrabOne voucher.
* You must be keen to go on video and film your experience for us.
* You can’t be afraid of heights – not even at 12,000 ft in the air.
* You must be 16 years or over or have parental consent.
* You must be under the 100kg weight limit.